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Sensor Data Fusion

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Combining and merging measurements from multiple sensors is a new feature on t6. The purpose of fusion is to allow multiple sensors to aggregates their measures so that the final output is accurate, complete and reliable.

🔥🔥 Data Fusion in t6, an oriented data IoT Api 🔥🔥

Decision Rule is processing values to trigger actions based on rules. And it will remain!
t6 Data Fusion is a direct fusion of sensor data from a set of heterogeneous or homogeneous sensors. The current algorithm only implement a simple "average" function. And t6 team is expecting to improve this default behaviour with custom algorithms.

If you are not familiar yet with Data Fusion on t6, the starting point is the following wiki documentation.

Data Fusion documentation

Last but no least, you are elligible to submit your feedbacks on Data Fusion using this quick survey (only 3 minutes and few answers to fill in) - you are very welcomed to submit it :

Survey about Sensor fusion

We hope 🔥🔥 Data Fusion will bring you more opportunities on using t6.

Thank you, and see you soon on t6.

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